Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello blog world its Mrs. Black blogging at ya.   I would like to thank Ms. Pamela at "The Posh Box" for creating this great blog template for me.   I just love it, and she put it up so quick and she was so wonderful to work with.  Make sure you get her contact information at the bottom of my blog page.  I'm fairly new to blogging,  and it may take me a little while to make my page as wonderful as some of the other kindergarten blogs I've visited.  I don't plan to be a copy cat but I may take a lot of ideas and critique them until they are creations after my own heart.  If anyone visits my blog and has any suggestions please feel free to e-mail them to me.   While the primary purpose of this blog is to provide information for the parents of my kindergarten class.   I do hope that it will evolve into an information tunnel for other teachers and parents as well.

So,  keep your eyes posted and remember to visit often.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This post was copied and pasted from Karla Dornacher's Blog page. (with her permission) Thanks, Mrs. Karla

Bluebird of Happiness...

Today is the day the Lord has made...
let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

And this little bluebird is here to remind you to do just that...
to choose joy!
Be Joyful Bluebird
We don't usually think of joy as a choice though do we? But God does.
And when David said "Let us rejoice... let us be glad,"
he was sending an invitation to you and to me to make a decision... to choose
how we see and respond to the challenges that we face today and everyday.

You see... the Lord already knows our circumstances and how difficult life
can be for us but He also tells us in Nehemiah if we choose to enter into the
joy of the Lord... rejoicing in who He is, His promises and His presence with
us, we will gain the strength we need to face the day and to be glad for it!

Border Heart Flowers

God made today and gave it to us as a gift...  and we are told in Ephesians
that He's already gone before us and prepared some things He'd like us to
do... places to go, people to love, ways to serve... to be His hands and His
heart... and we will blessed as we go if we will choose to see our day through
His eyes and perspective and not just our own.

I hate to admit it but... it is our choice if we whine, complain, mumble and
grumble... (I hate to admit because I can be so guilty!)
but it's also our choice to rejoice and be glad.

So...will you accept God's invitation today... to be joyful and glad? I hope so!

BB Flowers

Heavenly Father... thank You for the gift of today... for all the hours and
moments that You've already planned for me to live... and to live abundantly!
Forgive me for so often looking at my day and my struggles through my my own
eyes of selfishness and wallowing in self-pity. Today I will choose to rejoice
in You and be glad for You have blessed my life in so many ways... especially
with Your unconditional love and the salvation of my soul. As I walk through
this day may people see and hear You through me and may the joy of knowing
You be all the strength I need. For Your glory... amen.


Please check out Karla Dornacher's page at  her posts are so beautiful to read and look at and her products are so lovely.   She is wonderful christian artist, author, and speaker.